Why Vicar Analytics?

Why Vicar Analytics?

Vicar Analytics brings webshop metrics to the physical world in a way you can track, monitor and monetize real-life behavior of your customers.

Understanding each step of the customer journey is essential to achieve optimal growth for your retail business. This involves an in depth behavior analysis; measuring walking patterns, knowing who looks at what, know what your customers feel and even grasp their experienced emotions.

Manual behavior analysis is time consuming and subjective. Assigning this task to a computer system might seem impossible, but thanks to recent advances in computer vision and big data, VicarVision made it happen. .

What is measured?

Vicar Analytics measures a number of helpful statistics.



Determine customers’ age and gender and find out if you are reaching your audience.



Measure customers’ emotions to discover how they feel about your products.



Identify customers’ viewtime to discover their engagement towards your content.



Track customers’ walking patterns to optimize the layout of your store.



Detect customers that are hesitating or confused and provide extra service.


Popular Areas

Discover the most and least visited areas and change your offers accordingly.

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Real-time Customer Analytics

The Vicar Analytics dashboard visualizes your results on any device. The real-time dashboard enables you to easily evaluate the effects of recent changes to your store layout. You can also make comparisons with past results and other locations. Custom reports can be printed and shared with your colleagues.

Real-time Customer Analytics

Vicar Analytics Services

Vicar Analytics provides customer analytics and interaction packages that empowers key decision-makers with powerful data. Vicar Analytics delivers customer insights in 3 modules.

Customer Flow

Analyze walking patterns and congestion risks using an intuitive visualization of people flow. Optimize the key-aspects of your store layout and product merchandising.


  • Identify the most popular areas in your store
  • Discover congested areas and improve your store layout
  • Determine the peak hours
  • Identify popular routes in your store

Customer Analytics

Accurately identify your customers’ demographics and their engagement towards your products. Understand your customers, optimize your content and boost customer satisfaction.


  • Detect if your display is more appealing to men or to women
  • Analyse how long customers look at a screen or product
  • Detect what emotions customers show when looking at your content

Interactive Content

Automatically adapts content to your customers’ demographics, characteristics and emotions in real-time. Tailor your content and enhance customer experience like never before.


  • Show advertisements adapted to the viewer’s gender
  • Automatically start a video when someone appears
  • Show shorter content when a group of people is looking at the screen

Get Started

Start understanding your customers with these 3 easy steps


Download Software

Get in touch with us to receive a download link for installing the Vicar Analytics software.


Place Sensors

Place a webcam or ip-camera at a strategic location to start observing customer behavior.


View Results

Access our online dashboard to view informative statistics about your customer’s behavior.